Dr. Fanning is an amazing Naturopath and a kind hearted and genuine person. She did a very thorough review and intake of everything that was going on with my health. I'm very happy with the game plan that we came up with moving forward and would highly recommend her to friends and family.



Dr. Fanning has literally changed my life. For years, I was constantly feeling tired, emotionally and physically drained. My skin was a mess, my nails were brittle, and my happiness was on a slow decline. After a few appointments with Dr. Fanning and several weeks of consistently following her advice (i.e. taking vitamins and tinctures, etc.) I can honestly say I’ve never felt better. My mood has dramatically improved, my energy levels are way up, my skin is clear, my nails are strong, everything is just...BETTER. I can’t thank Dr. Fanning enough and am excited to continue on this health journey with her by my side!



I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 2 yrs before my first appointment with Dr. Fanning. At that time I was fatigued and low energy from lack of nutrients in my system robbed by the disease. My gastroenterologist told me just to stop eating wheat products and I'll be fine. Not true!!! My body needed to be healed and repaired. I wasn't sure where to turn. I went to a nutritionist, but felt she was more concerned with me losing weight instead of healing my gut...(cont'd)

L.K. (Cont'd)

...When I had my first appointment with Dr Fanning I was nervous and excited to hear what her recommendations would be. She listened to me and asked many questions to thoroughly evaluate me. I knew she cared and was able to help me within minutes of chatting. Dr Fanning gave me advice on what to eat and recommendations on supplements to help me heal my gut and get my energy back. She saved my life!!! Within a few weeks I started to feel so much better, my family and friends could see a big change in me! I continue to learn about my disease and how to live with it. I am eternally grateful for Dr Fanning's expertise and truly caring about my well being. Now on to bigger and better things!!!