I help couples get pregnant naturally by balancing hormones, optimizing nutrition, and reducing environmental exposures.

I know you want to have the healthiest pregnancy and healthiest baby possible, which is why I created this unique, one-on-one, medically supervised preconception and fertility program. The healthier both parents are before conception can positively affect the health of your baby and it can make it much easier to conceive.

Stop using Dr. Google and let me guide you through a personalized fertility program. We'll work together to discover any and all reasons preventing you from getting pregnant, as well as work towards you carrying a beautiful baby from a small speck to a bundle of joy in your arms. Let me help you create the healthy family of your dreams!


We all know it takes two to tango when it comes to baby-making, but women usually the first to take responsibility when pregnancy doesn't happen right away.


The medical truth is that both partners are responsible for good fertility health. That's why I designed this program so I work with both of you when you're preparing for pregnancy. A strong relationship and mutual support is vital when you are preparing to grow your family. You both become your healthiest selves and neither one of you feels alone!

FACT: Both you and your partner's health 4 months BEFORE conception influences your future baby's health.

Whether you're trying to conceive naturally or you're using IUI or IVF to have a baby, this program can work for you.

Even if you've been trying for a few months or a few years, a natural approach can significantly increase your odds of conception. We'll make sure to cover every area that can boost your fertility including cycle charting, ovulation timing, healthy hormone levels, blood biomarkers, supplements & herbs, environmental toxicity, and much more. You'll have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to conceive a healthy child naturally.

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

-Alexander den Heijer



Just like a flower, babies require the right nutrients to grow.  Nutrition affects every part of the body including hormone balance, mood, energy, and sperm and egg quality. Together we will make sure your bodies are receiving the right nutrients from food and supplements by evaluating your diet and improving digestion.

We offer specialized blood testing* to assess your current nutrient status and individualized diet and supplement plans to make sure you are getting enough nutrients in the correct form.


Air and Water

Are you hydrated? Are you breathing deeply? Clean air and water are key components of overall health.



In order to bring a new soul into your life, you have to create a loving open space. Having a baby will not only change your life and your relationship but your schedule too! I will work with you to design a life with room for your baby and still make time to care for yourself.



Body toxicity can affect your fertility potential through affecting hormones and harming egg and sperm. Discover the places you are exposed to toxins in daily life and learn how to navigate creating a non-toxic environment in your home. Some people need a more extensive detox protocol due to past high exposures to toxins, and would benefit greatly from the FERTILE GROUND ELITE program.


Health Testing

Making sure your bodies are healthy, balanced, and ready to conceive is an important part of any preconception plan. We order lab testing for our patients (both women AND men) to test things like thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone hormone levels, blood sugar, iron levels, inflammation, and infections, and work together to correct problems before you conceive.

Fertile Ground ELITE Program

Who it's for:

You and your partner want to work together to be the healthiest you can be before getting pregnant.

Program includes:

  • 6 One-on-One Fertility Consults over 3 months for you and your partner
  • 12 weeks of information packed e-mails with articles, videos, and education. You'll become an expert in:
    • Male and Female Hormones
    • Lab testing options and how to interpret them
    • How to boost healthy sperm
    • Nutrients for fertility, both in food and supplements
    • Everything you ever wanted to know about cycle charting
    • Environmental Toxicity and how it can be preventing you from getting pregnant
    • Healthy Detoxing for Fertility
    • How to de-stress when the only thing on your mind is getting pregnant
    • Herbal Medicine and Fertility
    • Best Diet when trying to get pregnant and how to start making changes today
    • Connecting with your partner and future child
    • Making the space for baby in your life
  • Unlimited e-mail support for the length of the program
  • Individualized supplement program specific to you
    • With a 15% discount on professional grade supplements
  • 4 week Pregnancy Prep Meal Plan with 40+ recipes and grocery list
  • 6 sauna sessions at my clinic location to be used by one or both people in the couple with included individualized detoxification protocol
  • 6 B-12 injections (click here to learn more about the benefits of B12 injections)

3 monthly payments of $880

Or One Time Payment of $2490 ($150 savings)


Fertile Ground BASIC Program

Who It's For:

When you just need naturopathic care for one person in the couple or you have a specific issue you need help with.

Program includes:

  • 4 One-On-One Consults over 3 months for one person
  • Individualized supplement program specific to you
    • 10% discount on professional grade supplements
  • 4 week Pregnancy Prep Meal Plan with 40+ recipes and grocery list

3 monthly payments of $375

Or one time Payment of $990 ($135 savings)

(Labs and supplement cost not included in cost of programs)

Set up a free 20 minute Discovery Call to learn more and to see which program will work for you!